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“Magic means things happening. It means things appearing and disappearing. Magic means correlation between possible realities and real reality. It means real not real. Magic means unreasonably reason. It means unmeassurability.
Magic means to believe[…]”

? Magic is the first international podcast congress on architecture, it seeks to explore the possible definitions of magic in architecture, briefly, the belonging of dreamwork, mystery, the impossible, the unknown and the inmaterial in the discipline?

The challenge of this first experience on a podcast congress is to open the possibilities of podcasting as a global communication format through space and time. Why should a congress, which is an intense display of contents, be attached to physical presence? How could an online platform display, here’s some advice, relate and intensify the experience beyond physical boundaries? Which are the processes of reviewing and upgrading researches in progress in the era of openness? What is the belonging of physical presence in the context where the congress is organized?. The congress materializes in both online and offline dimensions:

?, the virtual space [designed by hyperstudio] that displays and relates the different podcasts.

? Magical ETSAM, the physical dimension of the congress. It consists of a series of events designed to occur between the 12 and the 20 of december in the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid. These site-specific initiatives reflect on the five topics mentioned above within the context in which the congress is organized.